Performing Arts

 Image result for music   The music program at Mae Hensley is designed to stimulate students to their fullest potential in the areas of instrumental and vocal music by using a variety of literature. In addition, every music class will make connections with the core curricular classes: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Students will learn how to read music, the basics of playing an instrument or singing, and appreciation of diverse styles of music, while having a lot of fun and making new friends!
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The Dance Program is designed to develop self-confidence, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, as well as physical fitness. Students will participate in a variety of dance styles. In addition, dance vocabulary and concepts will be taught. Dance students will be tested for their knowledge of curriculum and skills through written and physical tests.

 Image result for drama   Drama is a one-semester elective that utilizes a broad spectrum of experiences for middle school learners. In our classroom, environment students will engage in dynamic, energetic learning. Dramatic activities such as storytelling, readers’ theatre, monologues and plays can be developmental to acquiring self-confidence and self-control, both important attributes to lifelong learners. Rudimentary to this course, students will develop a basic knowledge of the theatre through its literature, vocabulary, and action, and acquire skills in appropriate theatre etiquette in the process.